A Lecture by Caitlyn Olson: The Creeds of Muhammad b. Yusuf al-Sanusi


Thursday, May 3, 2018, 5:30pm to 7:30pm


Tunisia Office Center for Middle Eastern Studies Harvard Université Immeuble Slim, Rue de l’Euro, Les jardins du Lac II, Tunis

Caitlyn Olson-Poster

The Creeds of Muhammad b. Yusuf al-Sanusi  (d. 1490)

Toward an Understanding of Post-Classical Philosophy and Theology in the Maghrib

A lecture by: Caitlyn Olson, NELC PhD Candidate at Harvard University


During the last two decades, historians have been significantly rethinking the notion that Islamic philosophy and theology underwent a long period of decline or stagnation following the death of Averroes in the 12th century. So far, however, most research has focused on trends in the Middle East. This talk brings the conversation to North Africa through an analysis of writings by a towering figure in the region's post-classical theological landscape, Muhammad b. Yusuf al-Sanusi of Tlemcen, and suggests how trends in North Africa can complement and complicate the new understanding of philosophy and theology during these later centuries.

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