'7 Lives' by Lilia Blaise and Amine Boufaied, Film Screening and Discussion


Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 5:00pm to 7:00pm


CMES Tunisia Office

As part of its film discussion series, CMES Tunisia invites you to start the New Year with a discussion about dictator nostalgia and anti-nostalgia, by featuring: 7 Lives, a documentary by Lilia Blaise and Amine Boufaied, released in 2014.

The film explores the ambivalent relationship to the Ben Ali era, and the told or untold temptation of return to dictatorship that are present within the Tunisian society in the thick of a democratic transition. Through a number of interviews carried three years after the upcoming of the revolution, the film directors question the construction, the de-construction and the resurrection of the dictator's image in people’s minds and in the public sphere.

The documentary will be presented and discussed by Lilia Blaise, journalist and co-director of the film, and Amine Boufaied, visual arts designer, editor, cinematographer, photographer and film producer.



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